Avoid the spruiking stress this Christmas

With people rushing to get the house in check ahead of the all-important Christmas lunch, the phone is off the hook for many tradesmen this time of year. Avoid the last minute maintenance madness by creating a plan and starting early.

Early December is a great time to get the garden in check. Whether it’s a collection of plants, or a lush garden in the front and backyard, getting on top of it now means you have time to nurture your greenery to full potential come Christmas day.

Whether it’s a leaking tap, a toilet that doesn’t flush properly or a shower drain that overflows, get those maintenance jobs seen to now, to avoid the last-minute rush a few days out from Christmas (when Santa duties are in full mode). This may also help you avoid further damage by peak use (particularly with taps and toilets) that’s sure to experience peak use on Christmas day.

If, after planning and scheduling the maintenance as well as getting on top of the garden has you exhausted (fair enough!) don’t be afraid to ask for help! UrbanYou and similar household cleaning service providers prove great allies this time of year.

While it’s a victory to have the house in order when the relatives come to visit, don’t let it get in the way of the true essence of Christmas; love and togetherness. We’d love to hear from you about additional jobs you get out of the way earlier in the lead up to Christmas to avoid the last-minute spruiking stress!

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